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MMS Resources and Templates

Educational Resources

Stakeholder Engagement

Digital Quality Measurement

  • Digital Quality Measures: Specifying the Future of Quality Measurement slides / YouTube - February 2023
  • CMS Public Webinar - Strategic Roadmap for Advancing Digital Quality Measurement slides / YouTube - August 2022

Electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQMs) 

Health Equity

  • From Data to Action: How CMS and Stakeholders are Addressing Inequities in Healthcare slides / YouTube / Question & Answer Summary / Key Resources - February/March 2023
  • Gravity Project slides / [YouTube]- August 2022
  • CMS Public Webinar – Rural Health: How CMS Initiatives Improve the Way We Measure and Address Gaps in Care slides YouTube - April 2022
  • A New Method to Improve Measurement of Race-and-Ethnicity in CMS Data and Applications to Inequalities in Quality of Care slides YouTube - June 2021 
  • Transforming Measurement for Better Care: Lessons Learned About Patient-Centered Measurement slides YouTube - February 2021

Measure Development and Maintenance: General Information

  • Quality Measures in Action: How CMS Uses Quality Measures to Inform the Public and Drive Quality Improvement slides / YouTube - September 2022
  • iQuality Improvement & Innovation Group (iQIIG) slides YouTube - September 2022
  • Meaningful Measures 2.0 and Cascade of Measures slides YouTube - June 2022
  • When the Journey is the Destination: Tackling the Complexities Associated with Diagnostic Performance Measurement slides YouTube - January 2022
  • Population Health Measures: What They Are and Why They Matter slides YouTube - October 2021
  • CMS Public Webinar: CMS Quality Measurement – Where It’s Headed and How We Will Get There slides YouTube - June 2021
  • Understanding Qualified Registries and QCDRs and their Role in MIPS slides / YouTube - April 2021

Measure Lifecycle 

  • Measure Lifecycle: An Iterative and Interactive Approach to Measure Development slides / YouTube - November 2022
  • Overcoming Common Challenges in the Measure Development Lifecycle slides YouTube - September 2021

Measure Conceptualization

  • Measure Conceptualization: From Ideas to Action slides / YouTube - December 2022
  • Maximizing Efficiency of Information Gathering with the De Novo Measure Scan (DNMS) slides / YouTube - January 2021

Measure Specification

  • What’s in a Name?: Terminology & Current Linguistic Trends in Measure Specification slides / YouTube - January 2023
  • Specifying Your Measure: How to Create Clear and Unambiguous Measure Specifications slides / YouTube - August 2021

Measure Testing

  • Putting the Test in Measure Testing: Addressing a Collection of Measure Testing Challenges slides - May 2023
  • Measure Testing Problems and Solutions slides / YouTube - July 2022

Measure Implementation 

  • 2023 Pre-rulemaking Kickoff Webinar slides - March 2023

Measure Use, Continuing Evaluation, and Maintenance

  • CMS Public Webinar: Driving Quality in the US: How CMS Evaluates its Measure Portfolio slides - July 2021

MMS Tools & Resources

Patient-Reported Outcomes

  • From PROMs to PRO-PMs: Developing Patient-Reported Outcome Performance Measures (PRO-PMs) slides YouTube - February 2022
  • PROs, PROMs, and PRO-PMs: Demystifying Terminology and Best Practices around Patient-Reported Data slides YouTube - March 2021
Last Updated: May 2023