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Supplemental Blueprint Materials

Supplemental materials provide more detail about the Measure Lifecycle and/or specific types of measures. Download the files below. 

Supplemental Material Name

Date Content

Last Updated*

CMS Consensus-Based Entity (CBE) Endorsement and Maintenance May 2022

Codes, Code Systems, and Value Sets

May 2022
Composite Measures for Accountability Programs May 2022
Cost and Resource Use Measure May 2022
Electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQM) Specification, Testing, Standards, Tools, and Community May 2022
Environmental Scans for Quality Measurement May 2022
Measure Calculations May 2022
Measure Harmonization, Respecification, and Adoption May 2022
Measure Maintenance Reviews May 2022
Multiple Chronic Conditions Measures May 2022
Patient-Reported Outcome Measures May 2022
Person and Family Engagement in Quality Measurement May 2022
Population Health Measures May 2022
Risk Adjustment in Quality Measurement  September 2021
Technical Expert Panels (TEPs) May 2022

*If the date on the document does not correspond with the Date Content Last Updated, it indicates the document has minor changes such as updating URLs and fixes to typographical errors.


Last Updated: Nov 2022