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Blueprint Measure Lifecycle

Measure Use, Continuing Evaluation & Maintenance

This section explains the processes of measure production and monitoring; continuing evaluation; and three types of measure maintenance reviews: annual updates, comprehensive reevaluation, and early maintenance review. These reviews are necessary to assure the ongoing accuracy and value of the quality measure. Interested party input is a critical component of the review process.

Measure developers should conduct a high-level review at least annually and a vigorous and more comprehensive review every 3 years. Measure maintenance reviews determine whether the measure’s strengths and limitations related to the evaluation criteria have changed since the last formal evaluation and they also give insight on whether the measure should continue to be in use. The measure developer must provide strong evidence that a measure currently in use continues to add value to quality reporting and incentive programs and that its construction continues to be sound throughout its lifecycle.

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  • Determine the measure ingredients and calculation formula
  • Collect input and testing findings on initial measure specifications to aid in refinement
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  • Includes annual update and comprehensive reevaluation every 3 years
  • Early maintenance review may be necessary
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  • Identify ideas or topics that are most important to interested parties and address a gap in measurement
  • Scan the environment
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  • Collect qualitative and quantitative data to establish whether the measure meets evaluation criteria
  • Iterate with Measure Specification
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  • Pre- and rulemaking processes
  • Collect user input on initial measure specifications to aid in refinement
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