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Tools & Resources

External Resources

Organizations outside of CMS develop and maintain tools and resources measure developers can use in the different stages of the Measure Lifecycle. New tools and resources are always under development. These are illustrative examples of currently available tools and resources.

Health Level Seven International (HL7)® Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)®FHIR is an open-source HL7 standard for exchanging health care information electronically to advance interoperability.
Submission Tool and Repository (STAR)STAR is a database of quality performance measures submitted to the CMS consensus-based entity (CBE) for endorsement review. The database includes historical data for measures submitted for endorsement and maintenance to date. The CMS CBE updates the STAR database regularly as the Partnership for Quality Measurement receives submissions for endorsement review for new and maintenance measures. 
Value Set Authority Center (VSAC)The VSAC is a value set authoring tool and repository for public value sets created by measure developers for electronic clinical quality measure (eCQM) value sets used in eCQMs in CMS programs.


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